Which stop model would you like to use?
Leak factor, the probability that a valid STOP condition
will not actully cause the rearrangements to stop before the
next rearrangement starts.
(between 0 and 1)
Abort factor, the probability that a rearrangement will
abort and not continue.
(between 0 and 1)
Select the number of loci you wish to model.
[The default is 2, Heavy and Kappa]

Branching Ratios

Gene Fusion Efficiencies

Heavy : Kappa Heavy
Kappa : Lambda 1 Kappa
Lambda 1 : Lambda 2 Lambda 1
Lambda 2
Sets of heavy and light chain locus rearrangements to monitior:
Use a fine structural analysis of J's?
If there is to be a structural analysis, is J used One or Many times?
If J is used many times, is useage Random or Sequential?
Number of Cells (use 1e2 or 100 format)