University of Albany Student AIDS pages

University of South Carolina Medical School Lecture Notes

Some very surprising and generally ignored  transmission facts

AIDS in Africa
More from the CDC
AIDS and other Immune-Related diseases from the National Institues of Health

And the following pages which were pilfered from various forgotton sites, just to give you a feel for some of the stuff out there on the web.

Society structural roles in AIDS

Ignorance in high schools

Death but how

Circumcision: some data from Africa

Should HIV workers tell their patients - the no case

Would parents make HIV status of their children public if they could do it over again?

The now proper word in high places is MSM (men who have sex with men) - statistical behaviors in New York

Births and Deaths for 1998 (the latest available) See pages 6 + 28 + 36 in the pdf file

Something on diagnostics

AIDS and government

Natural resistance

Especially for women - it's a matter of choice

For everyone

Heterosexual AIDS and STD in the US and Africa

Drug resistance issues

Some facts surrounding iv drug use

One of the reports on inceased incidence of unsafe gay sex behavior

HIV transmission - viral load STDs and Oral sex

The HIV vaccine issue

Sex Ed in schools

last updated May 2, 2001